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printing layout - script to finish line

Question asked by calebmiranda on Nov 13, 2013
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printing layout - script to finish line


     Hi, I'm having an issue with filemaker, hope you can help me through it:

     I have a layout that's used for printing info from other tables (it creates records just for printing, than deletes it). The question is, I have a multipage document to print, and it should be printed in a way to let no spaces to the right. So, if my field is 30 characters wide (I understand it not being fixed number, as in one "m" there fit 2 "i"), and one paragraph ends with just 15 characters in a line, I would need to put 15 "-" in it, so nobody can write anything on the printed document.

     I already figured out how to print multiple pages (as in, creating records for each page, based on height of the field - if the height is bigger than it should, it uses less text). But I cannot figure how to fill the end of the line.

     all help will be appreciated.