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Printing Layout with multiple portals, sliding

Question asked by BryanN on Apr 15, 2014
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Printing Layout with multiple portals, sliding & hiding.


     Background info:

  •           Tables           
    •                     Test reports (partent) containing general info about the equipment with fields from the customer info
    •                     Tests (child) There are multiple types of tests, as man as 4 or 5 per test report 

     So basically how I have this working (successfully with 1 pages test reports) is the data entry layout contains multiple portals for the various tests for the piece of equipment.  Lets say 5 types of tests each (though it varies and some aren't always used, hence using a child table via a portal so no fields go wasted)


     Working on the printout for this particular one, results in multiple pages of information that would have to go in the report.  The way I'm structuring it is that if there is data entered in certain key fields of the related child table, those values will show up in the printout.  If they don't exist, that portal is hidden from the printout and everything slides up.  That way, the customer only gets a test report with tests we actually perform and no blank fields from tests we did not.


     The issue I'm having is that no matter what way I arrange them in the layout, there are times that portals are getting cut off at the break (due to them sliding up) before the footer and show up partly on one page, and part on another.  


     What I am looking for is a way to be able to make sure that when they slide, they only slide if the entire portal object can fit on the page and if it can't, then it will start a new page.  


     Is that possible?   I've attached a screen shot of an example how I set up the print layout.  Being that there are multiple tables involved, I chose the Form View only as List View won't work with multiple child tables and I've formatted the portals so they only show 1 record's worth of information (that's all there will be) correctly.