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    Printing line items to fit on preprinted form



      Printing line items to fit on preprinted form


      I am having a problem figuring how to print multiple line items on my forms.  I want to print a purchase order (or invoice) and have the capability to print several line items per PO or invoice.  On my preprinted PO or invoice, I have 15 lines (rows) that I can print line items.  For example, on each line I have "line item no.", "item code", "description", etc.

      How do I set up my layout to print up to 15 line items on my pre printed forms?  


      AND, how do I print a second page if I have more than 15 line items without having to make an entire new form?


      I hope this makes sense.  Thank you!

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          We use dot matrix printers to complete pre-printed NCR PO's here from FileMaker.

          We use a portal to line items that does not include a scroll bar. If the PO requires a second page (very, very rare in our business), we start a second PO record.

          We then print from a layout based on our PO table with a portal to line items. (Since we don't print more than one page PO's there are no issues printing from a layout with a portal.)

          That doesn't mean you have to do it the same way, however.

          Since you need multi-page printing, I'd base the layout on the line items table. (Do you have a line items table?) Put the data that appears above the line items and that prints on each page of the form in the header. Data that prints below should be put in the Footer. These parts must be sized to fit the matching areas on your preprinted form. The body can then be just high enough to print a single line item record. Print this in List View mode with the Records being browse mode (Use a find or go to Related records to limit your found set to the current Purchase Order). If it's less than a page of line items, you get a single page PO. If there are more than a page, you get multiple pages with the data in the header and footer repeated on each page.

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            Thanks again PhilModJunk.


            So I want to make the body height the same as a single record or line in my form?  How do I limit the line items to 15 then?


            Also, how do I get the trailing grand summary info to print on the bottom of the form where it's preprinted?  For example, how do I get the "total" and "sub total" and that info to print on the form where it's supposed to be?  

            For example, if I have my body set to the height of one row on my preprinted form, the trailing summary info (sub total, total, etc) won't print on the bottom of the form.


            Help!  Thanks PhilModJunk!

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              How do I limit the line items to 15 then?

              You may need to repeatedly preview the layout until it works, but the body should be the needed height so that 15 X the body's height plus the height of the header + the trailing grand summary + the Height of the footer = the height of the printable area on your page. (Since printers usually can't print from top to bottom edge of the page, this will vary with the size, orienation of the page and also with the printer used.)

              Thus, you select the print options needed in printer setup while in layout mode, adjust the part sizes, then preview. Note what needs to be changed and repeat.