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    Printing Multi Page Contract Issue



      Printing Multi Page Contract Issue




      So I want to be able to print a contract that is multiple pages.  Here is the catch, I need to be able to have a "list of services"/Line Items from multiple records as well.  


      So this is the order:


      Line Item Records

      Trailing Grand Summary


      I currently have the multi page contract text in the Title Header, but that only shows one page with of info.  The Line Items are currently in the Body.  I've tried messing around with some type of sub-summary part but can't wrap my head around how that would work.


      Any suggestions?


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          One option is to print the contract text on a different layout, then change layouts to print the rest. If you generate PDF's the save as PDF even has the option to append one PDF to the end of an existing PDF if you want to explore that approach. The main draw back is that this forces a page break between the last line of contract text and the first line item record--that might or might not be a good thing.