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Printing multipage list

Question asked by KoenJansen on Nov 29, 2012
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Printing multipage list


     We made a layout for printing a article list.  This list contains about 100 articles, so the print has multiple pages. But, on each page, the last 1 or 2 rows are missing.

     It seems that they are fallen of the page.

     We have tried to change printer or printerconfigutation without any succes. This did not solved the problem. We noticed that this also happens when we look at the layout in preview mode.

     After testing and trying we have noticed that changing the height of the header and/or footer has influence on the result.  If we adjust this then we lose more rows or even less rows. This is not ideal and hard to adjust every time we do a change in the header or footer.

     Is there an easier way to be sure that the rows won't fall off the page?

     version : filemaker pro 11 and filemaker pro advanced 11
     Server : Filemaker Server 11
     OS : Windows 7

     greetings Koen