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    Printing Multiple Labels



      Printing Multiple Labels


      Hi there


      Is it possible to print multiple labels from the same records, using more than 1 value?

      Example of a record:

      Red box, Size S (6), Size M (5), Size L (3)


      In this case you have several orders on the same product but across different sizes.

      How can you print 6 Labels that say: Red Box Size S, 5 Labels that say: Red Box Size M and 3 Labels that say: Red Box Size L


      thanks for your help 


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          Much depends on how you've structured your database, but essentially, you'll need to create or find one record for each label. These records can exist in a temporary table used just for printing labels so as not to affect your data in other parts of your system.


          Say your "order" records look like this:


          Qty     ItemId

          6          234

          5          235

          3          236


          Where 234 is the Item Id for "Red box, Size S", 235 = "Red box, size M" and 236 = "Red box, size L"


          You can use the Qty fields to determine how many records to create in your label table and use the ItemID value and a relationship to link it to specific fields in a related table to display the text you want.