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Printing Multiple Labels?

Question asked by AmberSaundry on Aug 19, 2011
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Printing Multiple Labels?



I am looking for help when printing labels. I have set up my layout to print labels, which it happily does.

However, I am not looking for way to print duplicate copies of the same label. For example, I have Records A, B, & C. I want to print 1 label A, 2 labels of B, and 3 labels of C.

The only way I have figured out how to do this so far is to duplicate the record for as many times as I need labels, so that I have 1 record of A, 2 records of B, and 3 records of C. I do not want to keep these duplicates in the database, so I need to go back to browse mode after and delete these copies.

This can be time-consuming - is there any 'simple' way to have some kind of drop down box that lets you choose number of labels per record? And then when in preview mode, those records will print as desired, but there is still only 1 record in the actual dataset?

Any guidance is appreciated.

Thank you,