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    Printing multiple layouts in a sorted order?



      Printing multiple layouts in a sorted order?



           I have a school report system, where the student gets a set of reports - 1 for each subject, plus a covering homeroom/pastoral report.

           I have 4 layouts: 1 for homeroom report, 1 for normal subject reports, 1 for Life Skills subject reports and 1 for VET subject reports. I have these 4 different layouts due to the different requirements of what gets included on them.

           At the moment I print them one layout at a time (all the homeroom, then all the subject, then all the life skills then the VET), and then one of the office ladies spends quite a few hours collating them so each kid gets their right set of reports.

           So, my question is, how do I print different layouts in order, so that all of student 1's reports (homeroom, subject, life skills and/or VET) come out together in order, then student 2's then student 3's etc?

           Thanks in advance



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               As is usual, there's more than one way to accomplish this kind of thing.  Here's one approach.

          1.           Find all the students that need to have their reports printed
          3.           Go To Record [ First ]
          5.           Loop
          7.           New Window
          9.           Show All Records
          11.           Omit Record
          13.           Show Omitted Only --> The combination of these scripts has essentially just made it so we're only dealing with one record at a time now
          15.           Go to each of the print layouts (how you get there depends on how things are set up).  If reports are not based on the same student table that we just isolated a record in, you will probably need to use GTRR, otherwise you can simply Go To Layout.
          17.           Print each one of them
          19.           Close Window
          21.           Go To Record [ Next ; Exit When Last ]
          23.           End Loop



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            1.           Show All Records
            3.           Omit Record
            5.           Show Omitted Only

                 I have used this a lot myself, but have learned that it isn't always the best method to isolate a record in a found set of a single record. In some cases, when the database is hosted over a network, step 3 can inadvertenly include a record created by another user at just the wrong instant in time.

                 An alternative method that avoids this issue and that takes exactly one script step is to use Find matching Records specifying the primary key field of the table.