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Printing multiple layouts in a sorted order?

Question asked by ChrisFitzsimons on Jun 3, 2014
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Printing multiple layouts in a sorted order?



     I have a school report system, where the student gets a set of reports - 1 for each subject, plus a covering homeroom/pastoral report.

     I have 4 layouts: 1 for homeroom report, 1 for normal subject reports, 1 for Life Skills subject reports and 1 for VET subject reports. I have these 4 different layouts due to the different requirements of what gets included on them.

     At the moment I print them one layout at a time (all the homeroom, then all the subject, then all the life skills then the VET), and then one of the office ladies spends quite a few hours collating them so each kid gets their right set of reports.

     So, my question is, how do I print different layouts in order, so that all of student 1's reports (homeroom, subject, life skills and/or VET) come out together in order, then student 2's then student 3's etc?

     Thanks in advance