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Printing multiple page Invoice with portal

Question asked by keswick on Feb 5, 2009
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Printing multiple page Invoice with portal


I have created Invoices using the general tactics that have been discussed in other threads (a table for Invoices linked to a table for the individual invoice lines etc).  The Invoice has a portal which shows the individual invoice lines from the linked table.  Everything works great, except for printing the invoice when there are more items than the portal can show on one page - I cannot get it to print a second page that shows the lower rows of the portal.  I am using FileMaker Pro 9.0 - the only tip for multiple page portals I have found in the Knowledge base is for version 3 and doesn't appear applicable.


The portal has a vertical scroll bar and I have written a print script that will go to the portal row below what can be displayed and print a second page, but the printout of the second page just shows the first set of rows.  In other words, if the portal shows 8 rows of items (all that can be fit on page), the script prints the page then goes to the 9th row and prints again - but the first and second printouts are identical showing only the first 8 rows of the portal, though the form on the screen shows that the portals was scrolled.  The portal is in the body of the layout with leading and trailing grand summaries (holding the general invoice info about the customer, totals etc).


Ideally, the invoice would print with the information currently in the leading grand summary (customer info & PO) on the first page, the portal showing the invoice lines filling the rest of the page and going to the next page (or pages) and the information currently in the trailing grand summary (shipping costs, total invoice cost) at the end.  But I would settle for the general information currently in the summaries being on every page if I could get all the items printed.


Suggestions?  Do I need to abandon the portal for the Invoice print layout, and if so what should I use instead?