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Printing Multiple Records at once

Question asked by KyleB. on Aug 5, 2011
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Printing Multiple Records at once


I am a very new user to File Maker Pro 10.  I am a college student developing a database system for a research project on campus.  It is a very simple design consisting of just two layouts.  We use the primary layout to enter and understand the data while the secondary layout is used to print out index cards to go with each sample.  The index cards display the sample number, weights and pressures.  I was able to make a script that sorted all the records by there sample# (which would be the preferred order of printing) but i wasn't able to make it start from a particular card and print up until another defined card. 

EX: Currently we have 250 records and i wanted to print sample# 0068 through 0082.

Does anybody have an idea how i could do this? All advice is appreciated.