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    printing on two pages



      printing on two pages


      I have a FM5.5 solution that I converted to v13 via v11. I am trying to print a record but the print job is splitting between two pages. The page is less than 11 inches according to the Ruler in Layout mode. I'm on Win7 with a USB cable to the Epson DFX9000 impact printer. When I print from MSWord, it prints the way it should.

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          The typical "maximum printing area" for letter size paper on most printers is less than 11 inches. Most printers simply can't print "edge to edge".

          If your layout is even one pixel too tall, you can get an extra blank page as FileMaker spits out that extra page to make sure all was printed. And layout setup can specify fixed size page margins that can also affect the results produced.

          You may have to modify your layout to make it a pixel or two smaller than currently.

          But also check the page size settings in the Epson printer firm ware just to be sure. We use Epson dot matrix printers here to fill out NCR forms and to write checks so I've had to adjust those settings to suit the form height of the stock being used.

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            Hi Phil,

            The Ruler in Layout mode says my page is a tad under 10 In. and the Epson Page length is set to 11. I was wondering if my conversion is the problem.

            Thanks for the reply.

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              When you view the layout in layout mode, do you see a dark horizontal line marking the location of the page break on your layout?

              There's a lot of variables to check from the page size and orientation in print set up to the margin settings, if any for the layout. And make sure you are printing manually when you test this to rule out script issues.

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                I print in Browse mode. In Layout mode the view Page break is checked but I do not see it. If I expand the body to more than 11 In I see the dotted line at the 11 in mark. My body measures Width x Height 7.931 x 9.681

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                  I have discovered that the version 11 conversion works just fine. Can anybody tell me why?