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Printing One Label Per Household

Question asked by ErickJ.Gonzalez on Mar 4, 2015
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Printing One Label Per Household



I have a database for students in our program
Each student has a unique STUDENT ID # for example 1865701 and if the student has siblings their numbers would be 1865702,1865703,1865704
(The first five digits are the FAMILY # 18657) 

When looking at each individual record you see the parents name as well as their mailing address.

My table: EASTERN REGIONAL DATA, has a layout for labels but when I want to print labels/envelopes to send a letter to the families in our program I end up generating one label per student instead one label per household.

I am a bit lost as everything I have been able to learn with FMPro has been through the help of posts and youtube tutorials and I cannot find an answer to this.

Your help is greatly appreciated.