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    Printing only one record, one layout



      Printing only one record, one layout


      Okay... I am no doubt missing something very obvious here but... I'm using FileMaker 11 Advanced on Mac OS Snow Leopard and I'd like to be able to print just a single record in one layout only.  I'm still learning how to use this software so thankfully I don't have a lot of records in my database because when I try to print the current record, it prints every one. 


      What am I missing???



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          I'm also running on a Mac. 


          When you key in Command-P to print, pause and look carefully at the print screen.  (You may need to expand the window by clicking the triangle to the right of the name of your printer).  


          Read carefully what the screen says.  As I recall it says things such as, "Print All Records Being Browsed", "Print Current Record" etc.


          Give it a shot.  Good luck,