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Printing out data from two different tables

Question asked by jhodges58 on Oct 30, 2008
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Printing out data from two different tables




Got a real newbie question.


I've got a real simple two table database -- one table has a single record with four static fields (project name, client name, etc.) and then the second table has all the records.


I then created a third layout which I'm using to print out all the records. The body area has the fields from the second table and browse/previews fine.


In the header area I keep placing the fields from the first table which are coming in as related fields (e.g., ::project, ::client_name) but when I browse or preview they come up as "Unrelated Table".


If I try to drop a portal field in the Header and link that way I'm only given the option to link to the second table, not the first.


I know I must be missing something really obvious. Could someone point me in the right direction?