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    Printing Parts



      Printing Parts


           I have a list view for printing.  The layout contains the following parts:

      •           Header
      •           Subsummary when sorted by Client (Contains a field  and is used a a title banner)
      •           Body ( Line Items)
      •           Subsummary when sorted by Client (Contains a summary field)

           I want the Subsummary Title, Body & Subsummary to appear on the same page.  ie if there isnt enough room left from the previous item grouping, to start a new page.

           How do I do this please

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               There no simple way to do that and if you use sliding layout objects that result in variable layout part sizes, it's pretty much impossible to pull off.

               If there are no sliding/resize objects in your layout, you'd have to use a script to loop through the records to count the number of records for each client (counts how many times a record appears in the body between sub summary parts) to compute whether each group of records will "fit" on the current page. Then the script sets values in fields so that sorting on this added field does not change the order of the records for your report, but now you can add a small 1 pixel hight sub summar part below the second "by client" subsummary part and specify "page break after every [1] occurrence".