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printing PDF and JPG images from FMP 6 and FMP 9

Question asked by AlexPullar on Aug 27, 2009


printing PDF and JPG images from FMP 6 and FMP 9




We run a large suite of older FMP 6 databases. When we import large (A3 or A4 sized) colour PDF images to use in layouts, they are printed all granulated, I understand it's a resolution problem. 


I have also tried inserting the same image but in a JPG format, and sometimes it will display, but in preview mode or when it's printed, it comes up with a #69 error which I understand means it's too wide? How do I solve this?


I've also tried the same PDF and JPG in a FMP 9 database, and the JPG works fine, but with the PDF layout, whenever I enter Preview mode or try to print, Filemaker crashes an sometimes the database file becomes corrupted.


Any helpful hints on how to approach these problems? Ideally we'd like to be able to continue using FMP 6 if we can.