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Printing PDF from Interactive Container using script

Question asked by EricDunn on Dec 19, 2012
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Printing PDF from Interactive Container using script


     First let me preface this by saying I haven't used FM since the late 90's so my skills are rusty at best. With that said, I'm hoping to get a little help with interactive containers. I've discovered, like others, that they don't work in Portals. Of course that's where I'm trying to add PDFs. I hope someone can offer a workaround as this makes thing difficult. In addition, when veiwing the interactive container alone on a sperate layout I would like to know if there is a way to print the PDF through script. I can right-click (yup, Windows) and get a print option from the context sensitive menu but was hoping to automate printing of multiple items. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.