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Printing PDFs forcing filename?

Question asked by anode505 on Aug 30, 2009
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Printing PDFs forcing filename?


I'm SO sick of intuit and QuickBooks, I'm out to 'roll my own' with FM. (with a little help from Excel)


So brace yourselves for a LOT of newbie Qs :)


But first off, when printing a record (as a PDF), in this case a service report or invoice, is there a way to bypass everything (except the 'already exits' error/warning) with the invoice # as the filename of the PDF? Or do I *have* to fill it in manually?

Even if it stuffed it into the pop up dialog (save as name) box before printing would be cool. (though I like the hands free aspect a bit more) 






PS: since FM is applescriptable, is that a security risk?  I'll probably use some of that too.