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    Printing Portal Row Record



      Printing Portal Row Record




      I wish to print fields specifically related to selected two or even just one of the portal row records.


      Example:  A portal record that looks like this...


      Payee Description Amount

      Samuel Craig Service fees 200.00 

      Parking/transport 140.00


      Leon Davis Service fees 350.00 

      Overtime 200.00


      George Service fees 300.00

      Equipment Hire 250.00 



      From one layout, how do I print a form eg. Payment Voucher only for Samuel Craig and George?

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             It would seem that you need to print from the table that the portal is based on.  Put the repeating information into a header or sub-summary part, and the details in the body part.  Perform a find for the records you want, a sort to put them in the correct order, and then print.
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            Whoops... just realised that tabs in the thread has caused a mess in my text messages


            Payee              Description               Amount

            Samuel Craig    Service fees             200.00 

                                  Parking/transport      140.00


            Leon Davis       Service fees             350.00 

                                  Overtime                 200.00


            George            Service fees             300.00

                                  Equipment Hire         250.00 

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              First you need a way for your users to select some but not all portal rows. You could place a check box field on each row of your portal for this. The user would then click the check boxes of the desired rows and then trigger a script to print just those records. This would work pretty good if you plan to switch to a different layout for printing just these portal rows.


              If you want to print from the current layout and just drop out the non-selected portal rows, it'd be better to set up a filtered portal that will filter out undesired rows, then you could just print the current record from the current layout.


              Which do you want to do?

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                   Noted... thanks,.. will give it a try!
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                  Yes Phil, I want to print the selected portal rows records on a different layout.

                  How do you write the script for the checkbox and relate it to the print function that you mentioned? 

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                    Etripoli's suggestion would be simpler, but if the layout gimick I describe appeals to you...


                    Define a text field, "PrintSelect", and format it with a single value like "print". (You don't have to show the text if you don't want to, you can resize the field so that only the check box is selected.)


                    Using a sub-summary report based on your line items, we'll call it "Vouchers" for this example.

                    Your script might look like:


                    Go To layout [Vouchers]

                    enter find mode []

                    Set field [Yourtable:: PrintSelect; "Print"]

                    Perform find []

                    sort[no dialog, restore]

                    Enter Preview mode [pause]

                    Enter Browse mode

                    Replace field contents [no dialog; Yourtable:: PrintSelect; "" ]

                    Go To Layout [original layout]


                    I used this method to make sure that you don't accidentally accumulate check boxes throughout your portal table and then get more records than desired in your report. There are other ways to manage this as well.

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                      Awesome... very comprehensive... thanks Phil,.. gonna give that a shot in the morning!


                      And thanks Etripoli too!  Both are good solutions,.. will see what works for me...


                      Thanks guys! 

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                           and both solutions are not mutually exclusive. :smileywink:
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