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Printing portal rows in report

Question asked by Karnel on Oct 20, 2009
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Printing portal rows in report


1. Using version FileMaker Pro 10.

2. Windows XP.

3. I provide FM support at a university and I'm designing a database for our School of Social Work that keeps track of student internship assignments at multiple agencies.  The interns are assigned field supervisors and have a faculty liaison.

4. I am creating a report that pulls together the four different related tables in my database--Agency, Student, Faculty, and Field Supervisors and is grouped by Agency using a join table called Agency_Internship.  All works great except I would like to only print each Agencies's assignments without a bunch of blank lines on my report.  What i have now is my layout's context is based on Agency and have my Agency's fields on my layout.  I then inserted my Agency_Internship portal and place the needed data from student, faculty, and field supervisors.  Most Agencies have 2 or 3 interns, but a few have as many as 20 interns, so I have set my portal to display 20 rows.  Is there a way to print each agencies internships without all the blank rows?


5. Maybe there is another way to setup this report other than placing the portal on the layout.  I've designed several relational databases before using a good amount of scripting.  Any help you can share on this report would be greatly appreciated. 


6. This database is hosted on our FM9 server and shared out.


Thanks so much!