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Printing Portals

Question asked by craig5005 on Jun 3, 2009
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Printing Portals


I am trying to print a report using the least amount of paper possible.  Each record that prints includes some general fields and then a portal containing various amounts of data.

Right now I have it so that if 2 (or more) records fit on a page together, they will print together (portals slide to reduce size).

However I have 2 problems.  The first is that I would like for a record to be able to continue on the next page if it is too large.  This is due to a portal that goes longer than the page.  Right now it will simply cut off with the set amount of portal records shown.

This relates to my second problem.  If record 1 contains a portal with 1 row, and record 2 contains a portal with more than one page of rows, it will print 1 page for record 1, and a separate page for record 2.  I would like it so it starts record 2 after 1, and continues on to the next page (reduce paper use).


Any help would be much appreciated.




Also... is there any way to attach jpgs or other files to forum posts?  It would really help with explaining things sometimes.