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    Printing Portals



      Printing Portals



      I'm using multiple portals on my report layout to display container fields, the reason for this is so I can display 12 photos on each page, 3 columns of 4 photos.

      This works perfectly for displaying the images. The only problem with it is that a lot of the time, a blank page will be created after the previous page of images. I can't figure out why this is happening as it doesn't happen with every set of photos and there doesn't appear to be any common factor that causes it.

      It's proving problematic as after a report is created, I'm having to open the pdf in Adobe, delete the blank pages and then renumber the whole document. Not very efficient at all.

      I'm hoping someone has experienced this before as it's quite hard to explain.



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          Do you have 12 portals on the layout or are you printing a list layout with 4 records to the page and with 3 portals in the body?

          Assuimg 12 portals here...

          First thing to check:

          Enter layout mode.

          Use Print Setup to specify the page size, orientation, and printer

          Dismiss this dialog by clicking OK and look for the black horizontal line that looks like a heavy braided rope. This is the page break line and your layout parts should be sized to fit within this limit line. If even one pixel falls below this line, you'll get that extra blank page.

          Other possible issues:

          What layout parts do you have in this layout? Any trailing grand summary or title footer?

          Do you have anything set to slide up?

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            There are actually a total 36 portals spanning over 3 pages within my Sub-summary part.

            I've checked thoroughly and I don't think there's any pixels going over the page line.

            It seems to be that if the portal fields are filled up to the point of the last 4 of any of the 3 pages, it produces a blank page after. Anything shy of the 9th portal on the page and it's fine.

            Can't figure it out at all.

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              Sorry I forgot to answer your other questions;

              There are several layout parts in my layout. There is no title footer but there is a header and footer for each page.

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                This is in a sub summary part? how is that setup?

                If it "spans 3 pages" do you see 2 or 3 limit lines.

                What puzzles me is if you have 36 portals inside the same sub summary part, FileMaker should allocate the same number of pages when you print whether you have any data in these portals or not unless you have set layout objects to slide up and resize the enclosing part--that's a question I asked, but you have yet to answer, BTW.

                You might want to upload a screen shot of your layout while it is in layout mode. The easiest way to do that is to click Edit Post on your original post and upload the image there.

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                  I have 2 limit lines in the sub summary part. The following part occurs before the 3rd limit line.

                  All odjects within the sub summary part are set to slide up and resize the enclosing part. I'll upload a screenshot of the layout when I get home tonight.

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                    "before the 3rd limit line"

                    3 limit lines = 4 pages. That suggests that your layout would need to be resized before you can fit all your portals on one page when they all contain data.

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                      I'm not quite sure what you mean by "fit all your portals on one page", surely this would be impossible if the report is to be a printed document?

                      I'll try my best to explain my solution which might hopefully trigger an answer to the problem.

                      During data entry, ther is a photo portal. This contains 3 container fields and 3 text fields in each row. The text fields are directly beneath each container field so the user can enter text below each photo. The user can technically add as many photos as they want but average number of photos is around 30.

                      On my report layout I currently have 36 portals. 3 columns of 4 portals spanning 3 pages. All the objects within this part of the layout are set to slide up. Container fields are all aligned to top left.

                      My understanding of the report is that if the user enters up to 12 photos, they should all be displayed on the report, if there were no other photos entered, the rest of the part should slide up and omit the other pages of portals.

                      Is this not correct?

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                        Sorry, I meant "all the portals that you want to see on one page" (Your twelve that you originall specified.)

                        It is correct if the combined height of 12 portals plus header and footer fit within one page. From your last post where you meantiond a "3rd limit line", that would not appear to be the case for your layout.

                        What is not clear to me is why you need 36 portals nor why you need to put them inside a sub summary part instead of the body of your layout.

                        I'd be inclined to try to do this with a single row of portalsin the body of a list view layout. That sould seem to me to be a much simpler approach to producing the same report.

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                          I've uploaded an image of a couple of pages from the final PDF.

                          The body of the report has to contain the inventory items for any given room. After each room, the photos for that particular room are required to be shown. Therefore the only way I can see to put the photos in is within a trailing sub summary part.

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                            Why not a trailing grand summary? (that avoids "when sorted by" issues that don't seem to apply here.)

                            In what layout part have you placed the colored box with the text: "Bedroom 2 Overview Picrtures"?

                            Does it appear at the top of each subsequent page or just the first? (I'm speculating that the additional space needed for this subhead may explain why you are getting an extra blank page when you have at least one image in lowest possible row of portals.)

                            A view of your layout while in layout mode would be more enlightening as to your layout design. You can upload such an image to a free file share site and post the link to it here so that we can look at both the view you've already uploaded and the layout design details itself.

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                              The "Bedroom 2 Overview Pictures" is just at the top of the first of the 3 pages.

                              I'll upload an image of my layout later on tonight when I'm home.


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                                Ok, I've uploaded an image of my layout now

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                                  What do you see at the very bottom of this layout when you are in layout mode?

                                  Do you see a page break line after the last row of portals?

                                  If so, that's the problem here. If there is even one pixel below this last page break, a Full set of images will trigger that extra blank page. If so, you can adjust this layout part to be a few pixels shorter to eliminate the last page break line from view and your problem should be corrected.

                                  You can use the position tab of the inspector to see the height of each layout part by clicking each in turn and noting the number in the height box. You may need to compare the height of the header + body + Trailing Grand?/Sub? Summary + Footer and compare that to the height of your printable area. (this can vary with printer and layout margin settings.) If it exceeds your printable area, you'll get that extra page.

                                  Please note that you can use the Inspector's position tab to adjust the height of a layout part by as little as one pixel at a time. Click the part's label, then edit the number in the height box. The layout part's size will change when you exit this box. (The part will not shrink above the lower boundary of the lowest layout object in the layout part so if the size won't change this way, it means you have a layout object that needs to be moved up or resized to be smaller.)

                                  You can click on the units to the right of the size/position boxes to cycle through inches, centimeters and pixels. Pixels are usually the best units to have selected when you are trying to make small size or position changes like this.

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                                    I've just uploaded an image of the last page of the layout part in question.

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