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    Printing Portals



      Printing Portals


      I have read lots of the other form posts on this topic but some seemed to be old. I need a step through process and a must have list for this to work... If its even possible? I would like to use the "new print layout" when ever i try it the portal records don't show up?

      Even just some good tips to get started, I can usually take it from there.


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          Do you want to print the records from a single portal or do you have records in multiple portals?

          What you refer to works with a single portal if you set up print layout based on the portal's table.

          But you then have pull up a found set of portal records all linked to the same parent record before you can print from such a layout.

          Go to Related Records from the parent record's layout can be used to do that. A scripted find might also be used.

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            Sorry I should have mentioned that I have multiple portals on the layout i want to print. Therefore setting up the layout from the child table might not work?

            The found set i want to print is based on a global date range fields from the parent table that filters all the portals in the layout.

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              You can use the list view layout to list records from a single table. If your other portals refer to data source tables that are different, then they cannot be listed on such a layout.

              Best you can do with this reporting method is to use the List View layout to show records from one portal and to then include portals for the others on the same layout--possibly in a grand summary layout.

              But maybe your portals all show data from the same table. If that's the case, your approach can be made to work.

              In terms of your filtered portal, a script can use Go to Related Records to produce a found set of all related records--what you'd see in your portal if it were not filtered and then the script can return to find mode, use the dates in the global fields to specify find criteria and constrain the found set produced by the GTRR to just those records that can pass through the portal filter.

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                The portals are all from separate tables.

                So youre saying i need to use a script that would mimic the found set Im trying to print via global fields, that would then go to the list view layout based on a portal then add the rest of the portals using a grand summary layout? what exactly is a grand summary layout in terms of using it with portals?

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                  What I mentioned was a way to get a found set on you printing layout that matched the records shown in exactly one of your portals. The best you can do with this particular method is to take the table of your portal that usually has the largest number rows (but always at least one record) and use a layout based on it. By adding a grand summary layout part, you get a layout part that sits either above or below the listed records and you can put portals into that part to show data from the other portals. This assumes that all the records you want to print are linked to the same record on your original data entry layout.

                  Note that you can set up portals to have a very large number of rows and then set them to "slide up", "resize enclosing part" to shrink each portal to just the number of rows actually needed. You may find it easier to just use this method for all of your portals instead of trying to set up the list view method.

                  But you may find that you need to use a different reporting method all together. Sometimes you can set up a special reporting table where each record links to one of your portal records from all of your portals. Or such a table might be  place into which a script imports data from all of your portal tables.

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                    Oh ok, I will try this.