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Printing portals on a subsummary report

Question asked by carolynhaywood on Mar 14, 2010
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Printing portals on a subsummary report


I'm trying to print a subsummary report with portals.


I want all the clients payment records to print on one report.   Each payment record is based on an invoice id and is in a portal.  Everything works fine if there is only one payment record/client.  If I have 2 records, the second one is on a separate record.  How can I get it to print on the first record?


I am sorting first by client id (on subsummary part 'sort by client id' ) then by invoice id and I have two protals on the subsummary part "sort by invoice ID" to account for two records.  Right now the second portal shows the same payment record as the first portal.



Carolyn Haywood



FMP 10 Advanced Mac 10.6.2