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    printing problem



      printing problem


      I'm using FM 9 Adv on Win Vista. I have a laser and inkjet printer attached to my computer. When I go to print, FM selects the inkjet for printing even though the laser is the Windows default printer. Further, when I print to the laser, FM does not rembember and reverts to the injet in the print dialog box.

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             We once ran into a Windows Vista issue whereby FileMaker wouldn't print to a printer whose name was more than 30 characters, including spaces.  Could this be the problem?
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            I'm not sure why you're having this problem . . . I don't use Windows . . . but I know you can avoid it by scripting your printing and by using the Print script step. In the setup simply select the printer you wish to use and FM will "remember" it.



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                 Don't know if this is the same issue or not as I use FMP 10 adv on Windows XP, but one of my files ignored the "default printer" unless a script specifically selected it. I tried recovering the file to see what would happen. The recover process reported "no problems found", but nevertheless went ahead and "defaulted" correctly. I'm guessing the recover process reset something to "factory spec" and that corrected the problem for me.
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                In a printing issue search I found your post above Phil


                Our Case

                FM Pro 10

                Windows XP


                Our production manager developed two files, with several tables each, that track equipment through production and tracks failures, AsBuilt.fp7 & NCR.fp7 respectively. These were developed initially on his personal copy of Filemaker and then completed on his Windows XP desktop with our multi seat office copy, all version Pro 10


                I developed a customer service file with several tables, CS.fp7, on my Windows XP desktop. I have several relationships established to tables within AsBuilt.fp7 & NCR.fp7. During development I had copies of these files on my machine in the same directory as my CS.fp7 and when I started CS.fp7 I simply entered my username and password and I was up and running and all the relationships to AsBuilt.fp7 & NCR.fp7 were established and available.


                We selected an XP windows machine on the network and loaded Filemaker and our file versions to it, located in the same directory, to be accessed via open remote.However, when I accessed AsBuilt.fp7 or NCR.fp7 I was unable to print anything from them; however I had no problem with my file CS.fp7. The failed print attempts produced the windows popup, previews looked correct but when I selected print it just went away. Nothing in the printer queue and no errors reported that I ever saw, just vanished.


                Having seen you post above I kicked everybody off and exited the three files, backed them up, then executed the recover on each of the three files. Renamed them to remove the recovered extension and then brought everything back up. Back at my desk I connected via open remote and was now able to print.


                Thanks again Phil


                Best Regards