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    Printing Problem



      Printing Problem


      I just got FMP 11

      'upgraded' my older FMP 8.5 to FMP 11, 

      Am unable to print anyting using 'apple+p'

      I have OS 10.5.x, FMP11,  printer is Brother MFC-6490cw

      hit 'apple+p' and get blank paper, nothing about how many pages &c.

      have had to use 'grab' then run through photoshop

      what am I missing?

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          What do you see when you enter preview mode?

          Can you use "Save as PDF" to generate a PDF of the report?

          Try creating a small test file and printing from it and see if that works.

          (These tests are to eliminate possible issues with your file and your computer.)

          You might also go to the tech support web site for your printer and see if any newer versions of your printer driver are available to download.

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            I see the avenue for printing now.   I had been so used to simply going 'Print' and printing what I wanted.  Going the route you pointed out, works.

            I will be chasing down a later version FMP book, and 're-educate' this thick skull I have.

            Thank you for your comments/help.

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              You shouldn't need to enter preview mode to print nor save as PDF in order to print. These were just some simple tests to try to help narrow down the possible issues.