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    Printing problem after sliding up



      Printing problem after sliding up


      Dear all,


      First of all, a very happy merry Christmas and New Year to all of you here.


      I have made use of "sliding up/left" in my report to "remove" those empty fields. However, because of this some of the pictures will end up in between two pages. As a result, when the report is printed, top half of the picture lands up at the bottom of the first page and the bottom half of the picture lands up at the top of the page. 


      Is there a way to ensure that the picture to be printed as a whole -- say in the second page -- without it being cut into halves?


      Also I realised that if a field happens to lie between the two pages, it will also be separated into two halves. How do I eliminate this problem as well as the above?


      PS: I am using Filemaker Pro 10 Trial Version and I am left with only 2 days to complete this. :( 


      Thanks and best regard,


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             This may or may not work depending on the results you require, but there is a setting in Part Setup that will keep the entire layout part (such as the body) from breaking across two pages. If the body for a given record is more than a page in width or you want the body for a given record to break across the page--just not any fields, then this option won't do it for you.
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            Hi Phil,


            Thank you for your reply.


            However, that doesn't seems to solve my problem. All my contents, which exceeded the length of a single page, are under BODY part.


            Let's say I am working in a machine shop that sells highly customizable metal parts. Basically depending on the orders I receive, I have up to four products to be shown in the report. These products include, say, a T-bar, a L-bar, a I-bar, and a C-bar. Because different customers want different lengths for the bar with other different specifications and dimensions, hence our machine shop has to cut it to a correct length and dimensions. So if a customer bought a T-bar and a L-bar, then my report will show the T-bar and its technical drawing along with the dimensions on the top of the page, and then the L-bar with its drawing and dimensions. Unfortunately, sometimes the drawing gets cut into halves.


            Is it possible to ensure that the drawing doesn't spans across two pages? Or can I create a sub-summary part to hold information for T-bar, and a sub-summary to hold the information for L-bar, and a sub-summary for L-bar and finally another one for C-bar? And then depending what the order is, each sub-summary part will be shown or "slided up" or hidden? If it is possible, then what do I sort them with? I just can't get my brain to get past this.

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              I'm not sure that I'm following your description of the database. Do you have fields for all 4 types with fields set to slide up and shrink the enclosing part when they're empty because the field is for a different type of part?


              If so, it's hard to suggest much without being able to actually see the layout and your database structure.