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Printing problem after sliding up

Question asked by trend7 on Dec 29, 2009
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Printing problem after sliding up


Dear all,


First of all, a very happy merry Christmas and New Year to all of you here.


I have made use of "sliding up/left" in my report to "remove" those empty fields. However, because of this some of the pictures will end up in between two pages. As a result, when the report is printed, top half of the picture lands up at the bottom of the first page and the bottom half of the picture lands up at the top of the page. 


Is there a way to ensure that the picture to be printed as a whole -- say in the second page -- without it being cut into halves?


Also I realised that if a field happens to lie between the two pages, it will also be separated into two halves. How do I eliminate this problem as well as the above?


PS: I am using Filemaker Pro 10 Trial Version and I am left with only 2 days to complete this. :( 


Thanks and best regard,