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Printing problem with large report

Question asked by ThomasNelson on Sep 11, 2012
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Printing problem with large report


     I may be searching with the wrong terms but cannot find a solution for this issue. I am working with FMP 12 on a pc.

     I have a Report that includes many fields. In the Preview it only shows a few of the fields (whatever fits on one legal landscaped page). Looking in design view and showing "Page Margins" I see the problem is that most of the report is outside the Page Margins.

     My question is how can I get it to allow me to put the other headings and data on other pages? I cannot find a way to change margins or let me setup multiple pages.

     I realize the report would need to print on multiple pages across and how ever much it needs down. Is there a better way to show this information?

     Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.