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    Printing Problems



      Printing Problems


      Exhausted all my knowledgeable means, maybe someone here can enlighten me.


       GLOBAL text FIELD


      Two screens,  one is for inserting a standard letter 8-1/2 x 11.0  (copy and paste) in font size 8 into a 8-1/2 x 11.0 GLOBAL FIELD.    All is fine there.         Then I have created a PRINT PAGE, where the same GLOBAL FIELD is position

      aligned perfectly within the dotted lines of a portrait 8 1/2 x 11.0.    When it goes to print, only partially is there print, cutting off about 4-5 rows of text, and yet there remains about 2 inches of blank space.       Back at the data entry screen, all looks great, but the GLOBAL PRINT PAGE that is where the real problem lies.   I actually copied and pasted the exact GLOBAL FIELD over to the PRINT PAGE....Just to make sure there was no differences in field size.   


      With no luck, I tried to convert  the field  back to a TEXT FIELD ONLY, but not much difference.  


      I created a new print page, renamed it, made sure it was clean.....and still the same.   


      This has never happened to me before so hopefully there is experience out there......


      Thanks in advance for any help.....or suggestions....... or better yet, solution....



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          I would like to ADD the following.


          If I have two identical fields, size, information, font size, everything, then when I print, what I see is not
          what I get.     THIS MAKES NO SENSE TO ME.....


          EXCEPT.....    I am importing text from microsoft word, lengthy document and did not wish to retype all the data into the new field, but it came in fine.  No problem.   Is this a possibility?    Still, what is on the screen and what is in print is not the same.    Margins are off, bottom of text cut off, blank space below the text area so there is plenty of space.....


          This is driving me up the wall..   



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            The Profiler:


            Thank you for your post.


            How does it appear in Preview Mode (View menu)?  Whatever appears in Preview Mode is identical to what is being sent to the printer driver (unless you select Current Record option).


            What font is being used?  If you are using a non-TrueType font, then there could be some font substitution, and that may alter the output.



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              Good Morning TSGal.


              Thanks for running to my problem here. 


              Arial 8 is the font and size.     No Bold, No Italics


              In PREVIEW MODE,  even though a full page is within the boundries,  it cuts it off there as well.


              1/4 of the page is left blank at the bottom.    



              OK..... now what can I do here? 





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                SOLVED .....


                TSGal you made me think about the Preview.....and so I went back to the screen and after going over all that I knew, I came back to a setting that needed to be unmarked.....   



                SLIDING and PRINTING

                and there I found where the fields marked were (To the Left) and (UP).....  Unmarking them......  The problem is now SOLVED.



                In case for the future, should by remote chance someone else have this problem, have them check this first to see if these boxes are marked. 


                Thanks Again for your help TSGal...



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                  Thanks alot for the thread. I was having the same problems and now I can relay and get some work done today.