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Printing problems after converting to v13

Question asked by scotttgage on Sep 29, 2014
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Printing problems after converting to v13


In the process of converting my file from V5.5 to v13 I had to convert the file to v11 as I'm sure you know. Printing is fine in v11 but the same field print over two pages when the file is converted to FileMaker v13. I decided to print in browse mode from the body of a record rather than create a report. The layout size is less than 8.5 X 11 In. and no page break is present as far as I can tell.

The business solution that I created gives the end user the ability to create many records to print a customized requisition or order form for many different customers. Each record is printed on a preprinted, multi sheet form which is the same for all customers. This form has a large white space where I give the end user a field to format text how they see fit. I created several other layouts for search and editing. I had to create one layout dedicated to keeping the end users space allocation (the white space) under control.

I’m printing to an Epson line printer via a USB connector. A Word document in v13 prints as expected.

Any help would be wonderful.