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    Printing Problems...



      Printing Problems...



           So i recently updated my os from xp to 7 what a pain to migrate...anyways for some reason filemaker is not remembering the envelope layout i have needs to print on a #10 envelope...im sure it prob something simple to change but i cant get it to remember....

           the way it was set up is...

           button... perform script... specify print "5 way" pause current script.

           Script....Print Setup [Restore, No dialog] go to layout ["envelope 5 way"] print []  go to layout [original layout]


           much help is appreciated



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               Can you do it manually with success?  Does the printer driver need updating?

               If you can do it manually, you are creating the page setup needed by your script.  Edit your script (no actual change just capturing the current setup that prints correctly).

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                 Is the file located on your computer or hosted over a network from another computer?

                 I'm thinking in terms of two possible scenarios:

            1.           Certain settings, when specified by a client of a hosted file, are not retained when the client closes the file. To make a lasting change, you have to take the file down off the server, open it with FileMaker Pro on your local machine, change the settings, then close and return the file to the server.
            3.           I've also seen corrupted layouts fail to show the correct page setup settings--in which case recreating the layout from scratch fixes the issue.
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                   yes if i open the setting of the printer and specify the paper to be #10 it will print on the appropriate media...but it does not retain those settings....

                   i doubt its drivers but please dont get me started on printer drivers and firmware..especially since hp does a lousy job at updating them...how i can get a pcl6 for a machine that is 6 years older then an aio that they killed off my 2 pcl6 and forced me to use a ps drivers and didnt fix the scan software that was broken from day one.... *end rant*


                   the database is housed on a different machine on a peer to peer network that acts like our file server (no server software just xp pro) ... small network 4-5 computers...typically we only open it when needed to prevent data loss or corruption...since i am typically first one in the office and use it most often i become the host of the multi-user file which resides on a remote volume...hope that helps you help me narrow it down some!

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                          i become the host of the multi-user file which resides on a remote volume..

                     This is not ideal in terms of data-integrity and performance. You can probably live with reduced performance, but you also have an increased risk of getting a corrupted file if you get a network "glitch" at just the wrong instant in time.

                     But this doesn't mean that you can't copy the file to your local machine, specify settings and then copy it back to the remote volume (which should have FileMaker Installed to host the databse instead of your current set up), to see if that makes a difference.

                     You may want to look at the My Fm-Butler plug in as a way to get better script level control over printer options such as specifying a page size. Some versions of FileMaker seem incapable of retaining custom page sizes even when using print setup to restore printer settings just before printing. We have an FMP 10 system where we broke down and just trained certain users that have to print with a custom page size on NCR paper in a dot matrix printer to just select the page size once as part of their morning routine of logging into the database. I don't know if we'll see the same issue or not when we finally upgrade...

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                       go it figured out and forgot to reply thanks!... i ended up having to set print setup to what i wanted then modify the script and tell it to replace the saved print setup with current print setup and after a few weeks of trial it seems to be holding.

                       and yes I agree about the data integrity over the network.... maybe one day ill get it all the bad habits cleaned up...