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Printing Properties

Question asked by PJSpark on May 17, 2012
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Printing Properties


I was wondering if anyone has experienced something like this:

Under control panel (Windows 7), printers, choosing printer properties, there is a tab called document settings. This particular printer can store an image that can be automatically printed. What I want to do is turn this off. Document settings tab lists printer features and their settings, so I turn this off and save. 

This part works, even with other programs printing to this printer. So in Filemaker I choose to print a layout and select properties, which brings up the same panel as from control panel. However, under document settings, the print image is turned on, the way it used to be. So I turn it off from Filemaker print, and print the layout. The next time I print and check the properties, the setting has reverted back to printing the built-in image. I check the setting through control panel, and it is still turned off!

So the question is, has anyone experienced where the printer settings aren't saved through Filemaker, and where the heck is Filemaker getting the setting from, if I changed it and saved it through control panel?!