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    Printing Question



      Printing Question


           Hi All!

           I have a layout I am using to print one of my tables.

           I have a field that gets a number and the records are sorted in that order.

           At the footer of each page I would like to have the "# through #" feature.

           For example if page 1 is numbered 1 - 15: at the footer it would look like this "(1 through 15)"

           If page two is 16 - 30: it would look like this "(16 through 30)"

           So it would grab what is in the field in the first record and the last record for each page printed.

           Is this possible?



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               Not an answer, just info


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                 I guess what i would need is to just have the footer display the content in a field of the first record and the last record on each page.

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                   In print or preview mode, fields in the header display data from the first field on that page. Fields in the footer display data from the last record on that page.

                   Is the number of records to a page a 100% predictable value or are their shrinking fields on the layout that thus vary in size from record to record?

                   If nothing is set to slide, you can use an unstored calculation field that works from the value returned by Get ( RecordNumber ).

                   If objects can slide, you would need to use a script that enters preview mode to capture the record number of the first record on each page in order to set values in the appropriate fields to show this--this would not be a trivial script to create.

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                     my fields do not slide.

                     the last page might not have records to fill the page.

                     the numbers in the field i would like to use are not related to the record numbers.

                     for example:

                     on page 1 the first number may be 2 and the last could be 35.7

                     the numbers are in numerical order though.



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                       Let's say that a maximum of 20 records fit on a page.

                       Then this calculation will compute the page on which the record will appear:

                       Ceiling ( Get ( RecordNumber ) / 20 )

                       Define a number field, PageNumb

                       Have your script sort your record by the number field, then use replace field contents with the above calculation to assign the page number to every record. Then sort your records again by pageNumb, and also by the number field.

                       With that sort order, a sub summary layout part, when sorted by pageNumb, can use a pair of summary fields, one for the minimum of your number field and one for the maximum of it to show the range of values on that page.