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    Printing question



      Printing question


           I've developed a music publishing program in FM 11 and am using a portal for my Licenses. The portal also lists the Artist, Project, Record Label, Release date, etc.... When printing the licenses, I can search for and print licenses from a particular year, but all the other licenses in that portal on that song also print.   Is there a way that I can just print the licenses for a certain year without the other licenses showing up?  (Confused???)

           Thanks for your help.


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               Option 1:

               Don't perform your find nor print from that layout. Instead, perform your find on a layout based on the portal's table. Set that layout up as a list view layout and you can list the matching portal records but still include fields from the original layout's table.

               Option 2:

               Define the relationship differently or add a portal filter that also specifies the desired year so that your portal only lists the entries from a particular year.

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                 Thanks so much for your help, but can you explain in detail how to go about this?

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                   Which option? Don't care to spend the time describing an option that you don't want to use.

                   You mght check out the invoices starter solution that comes with Filemaker 11 and 12. Both print invoices simialr to Option 1. One layout with a portal is used with a portal for listing items purchased, but a script is used to pull up the portal records on a list view layout for printing purposes. That method, combined with a find or constrain found set to limit the records to just those for the specified year would do what you want here.