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printing record batches

Question asked by mc244 on May 4, 2011
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printing record batches


I'm trying to figure out an easy way to generate/print a batch of invoices. The batch would be determined based a given field, such as sale date or invoice number. The easiest way (for me) to do this seems to be to go into the "print invoice" layout (which is very similar to that in the Invoices StarterSolution), view find mode, and indicate the parameters in which I am interested in (e.g., Sale date > =04/01/2011). This brings up the correct records, but I'm running into problems printing them. If I go to File > Print and select "Records being browsed," it generates an invoice containing the first record's header (customer address, etc), and in the body contains a list of all line items, even if they are not associated with that customer. 

For example, if I use Find in the "print invoice" layout mode to find two invoices, Customer A purchased X widgets, and Customer B purchased Y widgets, Browse mode displays two invoice records: (1) Customer A in the header, and X widgets in the body, and (2) Customer B in the header, and Y widgets in the body. If I go to File > Print and select "Records being browsed," the document that prints is one page containing Customer A in the header and the list of the order of X widgets and the order of Y widgets. 

Is there something that i can do to print these records in a batch where each record is on a separate page? The only way I can do this currently is to view one record, print the current record, go to the next record, print that record, etc.

If the only solution is to write a script, then I've got a whole extra set of questions. :)