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    Printing record chops off right third.



      Printing record chops off right third.


      I'm in pre-purchase evaluation.

      I created a new database by selecting the "Invoices" starter solution.  Then I clicked the "Customers" tab, created a new record, filled in a few fields - all OK.  Now I want to print the record, but when I do, the right third of the form is chopped off.  In the print dialog, I tried scaling by 50%, but that just stretched the form and chopped the same information.  This seems like such a primitive operation, I shouldn't have to do anything to make it work as I expect.  Any suggestions?

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          Enter layout mode and look for a dashed vertical line down the right hand side of your layout. This line marks the limit to which FileMaker will print with the current printer setup. To move the line to a different position, your only options are to change either page size or orientation unless you resize the layout itself. FileMaker, like many other database systems, often requires creating a print layout customized to the user's needs and the desired page size and orientation. (Both have to be specified prior to printing either manually or in a script.)

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            Thanks.  There's a lot to plow through.  For today, all I really wanted was a screen-shot to show to some folks who don't want to know about layouts or any other details.  I used the Mac's "Grab" utility.

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              Command + Shift + 4 will give a crosshair cursor for selecting a portion of the screen that will be saved as Picture 1 on the desktop.

              If you press the Spacebar after pressing Command + Shift + 4 you will get a Camera Icon and any open window can be captured and saved to the Desktop with the "Picture #" filename.

              If you hold Control during each of the above options the capture is sent to the clipboard for pasting.