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Printing records and connecting fields

Question asked by TiagoAmado on Mar 2, 2011
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Printing records and connecting fields


Hi everyone!

I have templates for several databases that we need in the place I work in, but I would like to do a couple more things although I don't know how.

The first question is: when printing the records can you choose an option like "fit to page" or something similar. Some of my layout pass the printing limit so I was woundering if this is possible.

The other two questions are a bit more complicated (I hope I made it clear) and are as follow:

I) We have many of our samples in 81 well boxes numbered with the positions A1-I9. In the filemaker template for the samples (let's call it SampleDB) I have made fields to indicate the location of the sample, namely the box name (eg:Plasmid1) and the position number (A1-I9) inside the box. What I would like to have is something in this database that would "monitor" the boxes records, I mean if someone tries to include a new record at the SamplDB in the box "Plasmid 1" and in the well "A1" but this well is already taken it will not allow it and give an error message. Is this possible? Also in this template there is the location of the box where the sample is, eg. in the sample X record it would say A1(Position) Plasmid1(Box) and Freezer2(Freezer).

II) I also made a template to indicate where each box is, lets call it FreezerDB. In this template some fields are exactly the same, and should match the ones is the SampleDB (eg. the Plasmid1 box should say Freezer2 in both of them). Is there anyway to relate the 2 fields from the 2 different databases so that when inserted in one place it would automatically change in the other?

Hope you can help. If not do you know of any other place where someone might know the answer?

Thank you.