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    Printing records that have PDF's



      Printing records that have PDF's


      Can anybody help me?

      My issue is this:

      I'm making a printing layout for my database, in my fields I have 8 container files for PDFs, but not all the records contain the 8 PDFs, some have 2, some 3, some 6, some 8, and so on, depending on the record.

      So on my printing Layout the idea is that the firts page of each record is a little report with the merge fields of the text fields, and the next pages must be the PDFs on that record, whether its 2 or 5 or 8, and then the next record and its PDFs and so on...

      So on the layout I did the first page with the merge fields, and everything fine, I open the body of the layout to place the container fields, each one on a complete page until the page break, so my body part is 9 pages long,  and is good, the thing is that as not all the records contain PDFs on all the 8 container fields, on preview mode I get a bunch of blank pages on the records that have nothing on some of those containers.

      All PDFs are one page long so the issue is not about the pages in the PDFs.

      I've tried the sliding and resize options with no luck, I' not sure what I'm doing wrong, how can I go around this issue??

      Please help me!!



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          What alignment options have you specified for the container field in data formatting on the data tab?

          You need to specify "align graphic to the top" before container fields will slide up and resize.

          An alternative approach is to remove your 9 container fields from this table. Define a separate, related table with only one container field in each record. Build a list view layout based on this new table, but include the other related fields from your original table.

          Perform a find or use Go To Related Records to pull up just the records in this table that you need to see in your report.

          Not only does this eliminate the need for any slide/resize settings, you can now link a fully flexible number of PDF files to any given record in your original table and you can use a portal as one way to work with these related records.

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            Holy Camoleee, that was fast, thank you very much, that helped me alot.

            You rock Phil.