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Printing related data

Question asked by ChristopherGray on Jun 13, 2011
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Printing related data


I have created a database with separated tables for Pupils and Courses. Each Pupil table contains the usual fields for name, etc and the table for Courses lists each course numbered C01, C02 etc. and gives the name. In the Pupil table there is a field for Chosen Courses, that field is in tabular form and each Course (C01 etc) is separated by a hard return. The Courses Chosen field is Related to the number of the course in the Courses table. I want to print out each pupil and show a list of the courses chosen and the name of each course. The layout is based on the Pupil table and shows the pupil name and courses chosen but when adding the related Course Name field, only the first name, from the list of chosen courses names is shown. How can I get round this. I am using FM Pro 10.