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    Printing Reports (Form View One to Many)



      Printing Reports (Form View One to Many)


      Hi all,

      I'm in the process of trying to write a report for the following setup

      Key: [table (field names)]

      [Tbl_client (client_ref)] Relationship to [Tbl_quotes (client_ref, quote_ref)] Relationship to [Tbl_items (quote_ref)].

      OK, so now I want to print a quote showing all the items related to said quote.  I started to build this in the form view using a portal.  However it appears that portals are not really great for printing as a) I can't get the sliding to work and b) I suppose the report could go on and on.

      So I tried creating a report based upon [Tbl_items] with a header and body.  This produces a report with many pages (one for each item) within the form view.

      Is it possible to create what I want to in a form view and if so how?

      Thanks all.

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          With a List View instead of a Form View, a report layout based on your Tbl_items table should do what you want here. You should be able to resize the body to be just a narrow row for your Items fields and the related fields from the other two tables can be placed in other layout parts such as headers, sub summary parts, etc. Also make sure you haven't set the body part to have a page break before every occurrence or a page break after every 1 occurrence.

          PS. Portals do slide, but they have limitations. You can set a portal to slide up to remove space for unused rows in a portal, but you can't Slide individual fields within the portal. Also, if you get so many items that your portal can't show them all at the same time, they'll be invisible when you print the layout--all issues avoided with a list view layout based on your items table.