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Printing reports and dynamic field height

Question asked by Maikel on Jan 15, 2014
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Printing reports and dynamic field height


     question 1 - I have created a report page in preview mode. I create a selectionprocess  by a script to load the page (set var $x, Go to Layout, find mode, set field $x, perform find enter brows mode). But the that in my report stay blank. What am I doing wrong

     question 2 - t is possible to make its size of a field dynamic.. for example; A field can show 80 characters. If i filled the field whit 180 characters the field must be automatical larger.

     question 3 - When you copy text filemaker remember the style of the copied text. How can I set the font style of all text in filemaker is equal to the settings of the field, even after the copy past..