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Printing Scripts???

Question asked by SamuelWinkler on Aug 31, 2013
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Printing Scripts???


     I have a user form that I want to be the only form that the end user needs to access.... Lets call this form USERFORM... From this form I have established portals to allow the end user to add data to other tables that are related... I have made reports that I want the end user to be able to print... How do I script a button that will do the following 

     1. Select report 1 

     2. Print report 1 for current record only

     3. Select report 2

     4. Print report 2 for current record only

     5. Select report 3

     6. Print report 3 for current record only

     and then remain or end on the USERFORM.  Ideally I want this to be automated so the end user does not have to select the reports that are needed but that they will print automatically.