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    Printing selected pages



      Printing selected pages


      Is it possible to print only selected pages within a found set of records? (eg.) Say my production is on page 3 of a record.  I want to print and email only page 3 of many records.

      I've tried many combinations within print but fail to get what I want.


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          You'll need to explain what you mean by "page 3" in a lot more detail. FileMaker prints records and found sets which, at time of print or preview gets divided up into pages. A single records might span a part of one page or many pages and in some reports, the number of pages to a record vary from record to record.

          So much depends on exactly what you have to work with and what you want to produce. You may just need either a different layout, a way to specify the records from which you want the report or both. But you also have the ability to print just part of a report by specifying the pages desired in the print dialog--which might be all that you need.

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            So each record spans multiple pages, yes? Which operating system?