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    Printing Service orders in BPK creates 3 copies everytime



      Printing Service orders in BPK creates 3 copies everytime



      I downloaded and am using the Business productivity kit from FMP. It works for me. Today I generated a service order and when I went to print it I noticed that it automatically generated 3 copies of the same service order.  I am working on a mac using FMP 10.0V3

      I go to the service order module, Enter my data and click on "print invoice"

      It brings up the invoice to be printed and then my printer shows up ready to print the invoice. 

      I want to preview it prior to printing so I can check it for errors. When I click on the preview button I get 3 copies of the invoice.

      Any ideas as to why this is happening? I have a tremendous amount of data in this database and cant afford to wipe it and start over. 

      can someone please shed some light on why this might be happening?

      Thank You



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          The details on the right are too small to see if they show three different amounts or the same data three times.

          In preview mode, FileMaker assumes that you will print the entire found set with the "Records being Browsed" option. Thus, every record in the found set is previewed and clicking the "book" control moves you through the different pages (not records) of your previewed report. This does not mean that printing from this layout will give you three pages when you print with the "current record" option.

          What's undetermined for me is whether you have three rows of data here that need to be combined in a single page or you just need to disregard this preview and print it. If the three pages should really be one page, you may need to select "view as list" for this layout before it combines the data on a single page.