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    Printing Settings



      Printing Settings


      Hi there, I'm having some issues with setting up a runtime with particular settings. Let me try to give a basic rundown of what the setup is like:


      1. This is a runtime that acts as a simulated examination, which the publishing company I work for sells as a product. The objective is to make it so that the end user cannot print when they are viewing just regular records, i.e., when they are taking a simulated exam and looking at the questions. This is for copyright reasons.


      2. I have a custom menu set that essentially replaces the standard menu set for a very basic one, consisting mostly of scripts with a few standard menu commands, such as the Window menu.


      3. At the end of the simulated exam there is a detailed results layout that allows the user to either copy the results to their clipboard or to print the results.


      Now let me try to explain the problem:


      Because of my custom menu set, if I have the "Available menu commands" in the end user Privilege Set set to anything other than "All" then all of my script steps are grayed-out and not usable. But if I set it to "All" then the printer icon is enabled in the Standard toolbar at the top, enabling the user to print the question. If I deselect "Allow printing" then the results at the end of the simulation cannot be printed.


      Here are possible solutions I can think of, I just don't know how, if at all, they can be done:


      1. Even when "Allow printing" is deselected, if there is a way for the user to be able to still print the exam results, maybe because it's part of a script, then that would be perfect. I don't believe this is possible in any way, but I thought I'd throw it out there just in case.


      2. If there is a way to make it a default setting to hide the Standard toolbar at the top, then this would at least put the visual prompt for printing out of the way. I know they would still be able to print, but my boss thinks it would be a deterrent to not have the print option visible.


      Also, I know they could just take a screen shot and print that, but as I said before, my boss doesn't want to make it easy for the average computer layman to print the copyrighted material. I know this may seem somewhat draconian and outright pointless to some, but I'm just trying to fulfill the wishes of my boss here and find a solution.


      If none of these options is possible, what do you all think about submitting a new feature suggestion for this: Have it so that in the Privilege Sets options you can set it so that printing is only allowed when it is part of a script step.


      As always, thanks for your input! 

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          OK, I actually did just figure out how implement solution number 2 (hiding the toolbar). I can't believe I never noticed that script step until now, I feel so dumb.


          I'd still appreciate some help in finding a different solution, though.



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               No ideas on this from anyone?
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              In case anyone was looking at this, I found a solution!


              I have a printing script for when the user in viewing the page they're supposed to print, they simply click a button and it gives them the option to print or to cancel. First what I did was throw an If statement at the beginning of the script, which states:


              If[Get ( Layout Name ) = "Results Analsysis"]


              So if they're on the correct page the script continues in its normal fashion and allows them to print. Then I put in the statement:


              Else If[Get ( LayoutName ) ≠ "Results Analysis"]


              So if they're on any of the other pages, which they're not suppoed to be able to print, a dialog pops up telling them so.


              Then, I place the script as a command under the File menu in my custom menu set (this is not the regular File menu, this is a custom menu that is named File), and next I give it the shortcut of Ctrl+P. So, since I have hidden the standard toolbar, they can't click the Printer icon, their only option is to use the shortcut Ctrl+P, which is of course the typical shortcut for the Print command, and since that shortcut now executes my special Print script, the user will only be able to print if they're on the right page.


              I think this is the most efficient way of taking care of this problem. And as I said before, I know there are other ways of capturing what's on the page and printing it out, but this at least greatly hinders anyone from casually printing what they're not supposed to according to our License Agreement.

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                IMHO a better solution is to use custom menus. At the simplest, create two sets, one that allows printing and one that does not. Assign the "allows printing" set to the layouts that can be printed.


                This avoids having to hard-code the layout names into the script step. FileMaker allows layouts to be re-named and scripts that reference such hard-coded names will not automatically update to the new layout name, so the script will no longer work as expected. Unfortunately the "break" will be silent and will only be discovered through user testing.


                BTW once you discover custom menus you'll start to understand their power and simplicity.