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Printing Settings

Question asked by cmjones on Jan 29, 2009
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Printing Settings


Hi there, I'm having some issues with setting up a runtime with particular settings. Let me try to give a basic rundown of what the setup is like:


1. This is a runtime that acts as a simulated examination, which the publishing company I work for sells as a product. The objective is to make it so that the end user cannot print when they are viewing just regular records, i.e., when they are taking a simulated exam and looking at the questions. This is for copyright reasons.


2. I have a custom menu set that essentially replaces the standard menu set for a very basic one, consisting mostly of scripts with a few standard menu commands, such as the Window menu.


3. At the end of the simulated exam there is a detailed results layout that allows the user to either copy the results to their clipboard or to print the results.


Now let me try to explain the problem:


Because of my custom menu set, if I have the "Available menu commands" in the end user Privilege Set set to anything other than "All" then all of my script steps are grayed-out and not usable. But if I set it to "All" then the printer icon is enabled in the Standard toolbar at the top, enabling the user to print the question. If I deselect "Allow printing" then the results at the end of the simulation cannot be printed.


Here are possible solutions I can think of, I just don't know how, if at all, they can be done:


1. Even when "Allow printing" is deselected, if there is a way for the user to be able to still print the exam results, maybe because it's part of a script, then that would be perfect. I don't believe this is possible in any way, but I thought I'd throw it out there just in case.


2. If there is a way to make it a default setting to hide the Standard toolbar at the top, then this would at least put the visual prompt for printing out of the way. I know they would still be able to print, but my boss thinks it would be a deterrent to not have the print option visible.


Also, I know they could just take a screen shot and print that, but as I said before, my boss doesn't want to make it easy for the average computer layman to print the copyrighted material. I know this may seem somewhat draconian and outright pointless to some, but I'm just trying to fulfill the wishes of my boss here and find a solution.


If none of these options is possible, what do you all think about submitting a new feature suggestion for this: Have it so that in the Privilege Sets options you can set it so that printing is only allowed when it is part of a script step.


As always, thanks for your input!