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Printing Setup Issue

Question asked by mgxdigital on Aug 9, 2012
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Printing Setup Issue



I have 2 layouts for labels. One is a small 3x4 label layout and one is a 8x10 skid layout. I have a small desktop printer for the labels and a regular borther printer for the skid labels. Filemaker keeps changing the print setup on the layouts and i can't make it stop.


When i am viewing the skid label and click print setup to make sure that it's on the Brother printer, everything will print fine. But then as soon as i click to the label layout, it will change the size of that layout to the size of the skid label layout and will not print correctly. Same vice versa. Why is this changing my layout size?


I even tried making a script to trigger when you even the layouts with a print setup step to the appropriate printer and size, but it changes both scripts when it changes.