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Printing Several Portals

Question asked by NaturSalus on Feb 24, 2012
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Printing Several Portals



It has already been said many times that it is not a good idea printing a Portal, that Portals wheren't meant to be printed, etc.

The "recipy" to print one portal has already been detailed in this Forum: 

The way to print the records displayed in a portal is to build a layout based on the child table that “owns” the records in the portal, and do your printing there.

The information from the parent record can be in the header or subsummary part.

The information from the child record should be in the body part.


However, in my case I have a layout based on the "parent" TO that contains 7 portals, each one on a different tab. Each portal is related to a different TO of a different table through a different relationship.

In my project it makes perfect sense for the user asking: "well I want to print out all the information shown on the layout based on the "parent" TO that contains 7 portals"

How do I accomplish this?

How to collect information from different portals in a single printout?