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    Printing Specific Fields



      Printing Specific Fields


           Ok, I'm trying to do something very simple and am only finding complex answers that don't accomplish what I'm hoping I can do here.  In one of my tabs I have a contract for services that auto populates from other fields in other tabs.  I want to be able to print only the text that appears in two fields inside the main container.  I have named them "Contract Title" and "Contract Body".  Is there a simple solution to have these two fields (which actually aren't a "field" but simply a part of a filed that have a name) print without getting all of the layout around them?  Just want the text from this section on an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper. Seems that with all FileMaker Pro can do this should be a snap.  Any suggestions would help greatly.


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               Duplicate your layout. (an option you can choose from the layouts menu when in layout mode.)

               In the duplicated layout delete all layout objects that you don't want printed.

               Switch to this layout in order to print what you need.


               Select all the objects on your layout that you do not want to print and select "hide when printing" from the Inspector. You'll find this in the "sliding and visibility" section on the position tab.

               This second option may leave undesirable blank areas on your page, which is why I also suggested a new layout. Layouts tasked specifically for printing are common in FileMaker and other database systems.

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                 PhilMod you are my hero! Changed every tab to white, all white backgrounds, moved some things around and that nailed it.  Still a shadow showing from all of the different tabs, but nothing that will bother me.  To have a "one-click" and print option is so huge.  Can't thank you enough for that.

                 One more question on this.  So I have merge fields on the contracts tab.  Those pull all of the information from the "Planning" tab.  So if I delete all but the "contracts" tab from the dublicate will it still populate those merge fields from the original or do I need to keep the "Planning tab" on the duplicate copy as well?

                 Thanks again and again!

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                   I may be your hero but you didn't follow my suggestions. wink

                   I suggested that you delete all these objects from your print layout, not to change them to match the background color. This would include dragging all your fields as a group out of the tab control and deleting the entire tab control.

                   Data on your layout is controlled by the table occurrence specified in Layout Setup... | Show Records From and via relationships you have defined linking other table occurrences to it. As long as your Print layout specifies the same table occurrence in Layout Setup.. that the original layout does, you'll see the same data--this includes the same found set, current record and sort order.