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printing spesific records

Question asked by nolak37 on Jul 22, 2010
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printing spesific records



Im trying to print onto a form, Ive already set everything up but am having two problems.

The DB is used for billing purposes, the setup is of 2 tables, "bill" and "items" the relation is:

bill:B_ID = Item:I_ID

there can be up to 12 items per bill, and the form only holds space available for 6 so I created a layout holding 2 of these forms and an if statement figures out what layout to print on.

On the "Items" table i have a summary field "total" which gets its info from the price field in the same table, this is set at the bottom of each form under the portal displaying the items. The problem is i need to display the total od the items listed only on that form instead of all items from both forms.

Example:  Form1

item1 5.00

item2 5.00

item3 15.00

total 25.00


item4 5.00

item5 10.00

item6 15.00

total 30.00

2nd problem is if i billed one item incorrectly and need to re-bill how can i have the form print only that specific item without including all the others.