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Printing Sub Summary Records on the Same Page Revisited

Question asked by KevinElder on Mar 11, 2013
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Printing Sub Summary Records on the Same Page Revisited


     With thanks to PhilModJunk's suggestion in Shrinking fields within a portal and shrinking portal for printing (thank you!), I was able to create a layout which allows me to reduce the section size needed depending on the number of rows needed for a portal.  Overly simplified, I created this basic layout:

     (PART) Sub Summary by Main::Company (Leading)


     (PART) Body




        (Only using enough space for which there are contacts - more contacts = more space)

     (PART) Sub Summary by Main::Company (Trailing)



     Since the number of contacts and the amount of text in the "notes" field varies, I can have anywhere from two-five records on a page. Unfortunately, records are getting split over pages: for example, I could have the company (Leading Sub Summary) and contacts (Body) on one page, and the corresponding notes (Trailing Sub Summary) on the next.

     Is there any way around this without resorting to one record per page?